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What’s in a name? When I decided to build a company, countless hours were spent trying to figure out what to call ourselves. 

Branding firms broke out the whiteboard to see which Greek god or strong-sounding tree wasn’t already in use, but in the end, I knew only one name made sense: heath.

Why heath? To the outside world, heath means “an uncultivated tract of land,” which symbolizes we’re optimists and see possibilities where others don’t. More importantly, heath is my mom’s maiden name, and I wanted to put a smile on her face. I realized, starting this firm in a pandemic, why any of us do what we do: Family and finding your place in the world that can feel like “home.”

So how are we different? We know you need to see the resume! Do we have the chops to help our clients win in one of the most competitive markets in the world? I was a former professional Ironman athlete who won Ironman Coeur d’Alene, was the No.1 ranked American female for years, and finished on the podium in the pro field at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Ironman taught me that grit and hustle, coupled with experience and a pinch of competitiveness,☺ are tough to beat. 

When I retired from Ironman, I applied the same mentality to my real estate business and quickly became one of the top agents in the Bay Area. I sold over $500M in my first nine years in business and did over $100M in 2020 alone. I have become a trusted peer in the industry known for dealing with integrity, which leads to being one of the first calls for off-market properties, which now comprise 35%+ of the market.

As great as all these numbers and benchmarks are, I realized that I was missing something. A team. A family of misfits coming together to create something special. I had been subconsciously creating teams my whole life. Now it’s time to do it purposefully and consciously cultivate greatness. 

I’m so proud to introduce you to our team here at heath, from my Mom, to the meticulous masonry guy I’ve been working with for over a decade, as I watched his little girls get married and start lives of their own. Every one of us matters. Every one of us has our skills. Every one of us is working together to make your dreams come true. 

Don’t you want to be a part of something great? 

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