Environmental Exposure

March 24, 2024

Environmental Exposure
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And here’s the bullet point version if you’re not a video person!
The Bay Area is gorgeous … and it comes with unique challenges, particularly environmental ones. These are things you might not be familiar with if you’re not from around here!
Environmental factors to consider when you’re looking for a home in the Bay Area:
🌊 Flood and tsunami zones
🔥 Wildfires (and can you get fire insurance? - I’ve got insurance brokers I can recommend!)
⛰️ Earthquakes (and what steps you can take to make a house safer)
I know all this might sound overwhelming! But when you work with someone who
a) understands these risks
b) can help you figure out how to mitigate these risks
c) can advise on how sound your real estate investment is...
buying a house in the Bay Area is totally doable!
Don’t worry! I won’t let you buy a lemon that’s going to flood anytime there’s a king tide!
Stay tuned: Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about environmental factors that can affect your home😉
5 Trade Secrets to Buying a Home in the Bay Area:
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