Natural Hazards

March 24, 2024

Natural Hazards
Hey there!
If you're new to the bay area or new to homeownership in this area, you've probably never had to think about things like regularly recaulking windows because of sun damage or the way that salt air can corrode exteriors.
That's why I'm here!
Today, we are tackling weather-proofing for environmental exposure. If you live in the Bay Area, you likely paid a good chunk of money for your beautiful home. So, let's get some tools in our belt to keep it that way!
The Bay Area has tons of wind, sun, saltwater, and fog.
And, although we love living here because of the amazing weather, they can pose threats to our homes!
Buying a home on the bay means you need to consider things like ...
☀️ Sunlight, while desirable, requires regular maintenance like painting and checking caulking to prevent damage.
💨 Whipping winds, especially near the water, can pose challenges like water seepage and damage to doors and windows.
🌊 Coastal environments also bring salt exposure from the ocean and fog, which can corrode materials.
Owning and maintaining a home in a place like this can feel a little overwhelming! That's why it's so important to work with someone who understands these issues.
Understanding the maintenance required and how to prevent this damage in the first place will help save your home in the long run.
Every neighborhood has its own microclimate and a good realtor will know how to properly navigate it.
So, give me a call (415.519.2434) and let's talk microclimates or how to fix issues that have arisen from that climate 🤘
Stay tuned: Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about how to find an off-maket home that isn't listed on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or anywhere else 😉

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